About me


Bojan is young programmer and entusiast willing to learn and work, also constantly advancing and developing his skills. Bojan is a currently student on finishing year at Faculty of Tehnical Science in Novi Sad at the Department of Software Information Technology. Web development is his passion and he is a big fan of new tehnologies.

Firstly he was focused on Java language and things that comes with it like J2EE,Java Servlets,Entity,Beans, Java security with cryptography,native Android. But now he is more focused on JavaScript based frameworks,libaries. He thinks that future is in JavaScript and demand is growing rapidly for it because it’s pretty powerful tool for doing everything. Nowdays in JS you can do full web development with things like MEAN stack, and make full web application client-server side in just one language.It is great potential so we should use it and make the best of it. Also he likes to develop mobile applications, latest framework he started working on is Ionic made in Angular, potentially with great future and lots of possibilities.

More information you can find here on my official website.